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Our bean bag chairs come in an Adult size (Boss Original) and a Child size (Boss Jnr). The Adult size dimensions are 100cm high back and 90cm wide base. The Child size dimensions are 85cm high back and 77cm wide base (we have photos on the product pages of the different sizes).

As a rule of thumb, we generally recommend the child size for primary school age children and the adult size for teenagers and older. Of course, people come in all sizes and shapes. If you're not sure, we'd recommend the Adult size as you can always grow into it. 

These gaming bean bags are double stitched for strength and also lab tested for durability. Unfortunately the lab doesn't give us a recommended maximum capacity as there are variables that come into play, but as I guide, we'd recommend up to 115kg under normal use of the bean bag (so that's just sitting in it). If you're jumping into it like a water bomber into the pool, it's not really made for that and it would void the warranty, but they are really strong and durable. 

The child size (Boss Jnr) requires 200 Litres and the adult size (Boss Original) requires 300 Litres. If you prefer a firm sitting position, put in an extra 50 Litres of beans.

Don't forget, we recommend to use only EPS type beans (the white bean bag beans) not memory foam. 

So you've received your new gaming bean bag chair cover. It comes with written instructions for filling, but we've also made a video too. You can watch it HERE or at this YouTube link.

For comfort, form and price, EPS beans are the best option and the one we recommend for Throne Boss Gaming Bean Bags. Shredded memory foam compresses too much when you sit on it and doesn't allow the bean bag to keep it's shape and high back support. Shredded memory foam is a great option for round, loose fitting bean bags, but for a gaming bean bag chair where you want support for hours on end, EPS beans do the job!

You can easily adjust the support and comfort level by having more or less beans in the bag. More beans equals more support and less beans means more comfort. 

To find out more, check out our blog post HERE

Firstly, we recommend using only EPS beans (those little white ones about the size of a pea) as they allow the bean bag to hold it's shape and provide a comfortable and supportive experience. While memory foam is popular, it only works for those large round floppy bean bags. 

You can buy bean bag beans (EPS beans) from most "big box" retailers, in store or online, such as Big W, K-Mart or Target. Simply search "bean bag filling" on any of those online stores. You'll need 200 litres of beans for the child size and 300 Litres for the adult size.

Don't forget to check out our bean bag filling instructional video HERE.

Simply because it's too expensive to ship the bean bag already filled. Shipping costs are charged based on a combination of weight and volume and while beans are very light, they are basically pockets of air, and air is very expensive to ship! Large global retailers like Big W, K-Mart and Target have the buying power to purchase and ship the beans in large quantities and sell them at good prices. 

So to get you our awesome products at the best price, we ship you the bean bag chair cover and the beans can be purchased from one of the large retailers. Want to know where to order some beans? see our FAQ titled "Where can I buy the beans?". 

No, and you shouldn't have to wash the covers. The covers are made from Oxford 420D PVC and are waterproof. This means that liquids are repelled from the fabric and they can be cleaned with a damp cloth, like a mirofibre cleaning cloth (without detergent). 

Yes we do! Once you progress through checkout to the payment options, you'll see the AfterPay payment method that you can choose. Don't know what AfterPay is, check out some more information below:

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