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A Gamer’s Nutrition Guide - For Optimal Gaming Performance

06 Apr 2022

Let’s face it, gamers aren’t known for their healthy or clean eating. When thinking of gamer food, people usually picture a room piled high with mountain dew bottles, and sticky, orange dorito fingers. But for optimal gaming performance, gamers should really prioritise eating well to properly fuel their long gaming sessions

Gamer - Eating - Junk - Food

Food that we consume has a massive impact not only on our health, but how we feel and how we operate during the day. 

Some days we just have bad game days, right? Can’t reach the top of the leaderboard, and you’re making mistakes you don’t usually make. Well, it may have to do with what you’ve been eating throughout the day, and whether you’ve exercised enough, to keep your energy levels to where they need to be.

So what is the best diet for energy and focus? This blog will highlight the key food groups to eat each day, and some healthy meal and snack ideas which will allow you to perform at your best. 

Include the three major food groups

Gamers buy products like gaming keyboards, headsets, and chairs to help you get a slight edge when competing. So why not consider fuelling your body with the right foods to allow it to perform at its best?

There are three major food groups when thinking about a healthy diet; proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Consuming the right amount of each food group via healthy food sources, will fuel your gaming sessions from start to finish.

Carb - Fat - Protein


Protein is essential for cell repair, promoting muscle growth and providing the essential micronutrients, iron and zinc. Protein keeps you fuller for longer, so a protein rich meal is bound to keep you satisfied and help prevent you reaching for that bag of chips.


Carbohydrates (carbs) are an essential for providing us with energy, keeping us going during those longer gaming seshes. It is important to opt for complex carbs such as wholegrains, vegetables, pastas and nuts which will provide a more sustained energy hit, and are easier to digest.

Simple carbs (found in refined sugars, soft drinks and baked treats) lack nutrients and are often calorie dense - giving you a quick rush of energy often followed by what's known as a ‘sugar crash’. Simple carbs are fine to have in moderation (we aren't telling you to give up chocolate or anything ridiculous like that), but think about bulking up your diet with more complex carbohydrates to keep you going for longer.

Healthy Fats

Healthy fats are key to absorbing vitamins, such as A, D, and E into your system. Fatty acids such as Omega 3, which is commonly found in fish - like salmon and tuna - can reduce risks of heart disease and help with healthy brain function. Your body doesn’t produce Omega 3 naturally, so it is a good idea to add to your diet. Particularly if you want to stay sharp during your game sessions, make sure you’re getting in some Omega 3.

OK - but what are some food sources?

Now that you are familiar with the three key macronutrients to focus on, let's discuss some food sources you can incorporate into your diet. 

Healthy - Food - Source

Chicken - a great source of protein

Chicken is both delicious and incredibly rich in protein, and pairs well with many different meals. So, if you’re ready for a lunch break, consider a chicken wrap or chicken burrito bowl. Stir-fries, salads and pasta that include chicken are great dinner options, often simple to make and always satisfy the taste buds.

Eggs - protein rich and a source of vitamin D

Eggs are a fantastic food to incorporate into your diet as they provide a complete source of protein and are rich in vitamin D. Incorporate eggs through your morning omelette, or add a boiled egg to a chicken salad. 

Fish - for boosting brain function

We have discussed the awesome benefits of omega 3 and how it can aid in boosting brain function - and fish is a fantastic source of omega 3 and fatty acids. Try adding a can of salmon or tuna to a salad bowl, or try fish tacos as a tasty dinner option. 

Nuts - the perfect snack

Nuts also serve as a great source of omega 3, and are a delicious healthy snack option. A handful of unsalted mixed nuts can provide you with your daily requirements of healthy fats as well as get some protein into you as well. You can also add nuts to add crunch to salads, pastas and smoothies. Or, stash a packet of mixed nuts in the pocket of your gaming bean bag for a quick-grab snack. 

Greek yoghurt - for gut health

Unsweetened greek yoghurt is a good source of protein and calcium. It also contains probiotics which are key for gut health, keeping your stomach happy while your head is in the game. 

Try a dollop of greek yoghurt with honey and fresh fruit for breakfast. You can also blend it up in a smoothie, which will give you a guilt-free energy hit far better than a can of Red Bull. If you are planning on making the above mentioned fish tacos for dinner one night, you can even swap out the usual sour cream for unsweetened greek yoghurt - trust us you won’t even taste the difference. 

Mixed berries - to keep your reflexes sharp

Although small, berries are powerful little superfoods. They are packed full of antioxidants which are key for cell repair, and aid with better focus and brain function as well. Include a handful with breakfast, or blend up some frozen berries into your morning smoothie. 

Don’t forget to hydrate

It’s important to stay hydrated, as your cognition and motor skills are reliant on a well-hydrated body. If you become dehydrated, your gaming performance is likely to reduce. So, make sure you keep some water within easy reach. Store your water bottle close by, by slipping in the side pockets of your gaming bean bag. 

Gaming Bean Bag Pockets For Drinks & Controller

Get your body moving

While you game, you are exercising your mind and reflex skills, but you probably aren’t getting much physical exercise sitting down and playing a game all day. On a gaming day, make sure to incorporate some stretches or take your dog around the block for a short walk if you can. 

If you have some mates over for a game sesh, break it up by heading outside to kick the footy, play some ping pong, or jump in the pool. It is important to take breaks to get your body moving, and you'll find when you return to your game you will feel far more focused and energised. This in turn only has positive impacts on your gaming performance.

Keep your snacks in easy reach with Throne Boss

Gaming - Bean - Bag

Our gaming bean bags have easy to reach side pockets which are perfect for you to store healthy snacks while you game. The bean bag material is also water resistant, so if you accidentally spill any drinks or snacks on your Throne Boss, simply wipe with a damp cloth. 

So what are you waiting for? Dispel the myths about gamer food today - and prioritise healthy eating (both your body and gaming performance will thank you for it!). Stay energised, hydrated, and enjoy your sesh!

Disclaimer: Let’s be real! We’re not doctors or nutritionists, therefore these nutrition suggestions are not intended to replace advice from qualified health care professionals. We just want you to have a great experience using our products and these tips can be a helpful reminder to eat healthy and should be taken under advice from your qualified health care professionals. We expressly waive any liability of injury or harm from these nutritional suggestions. If in doubt, speak to your doctor or healthcare provider.

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