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Welcome to Throne Boss Gaming Bean Bags!

Let us introduce you to our founder, Craig, the driving force behind the creation of Throne Boss. As a child, Craig had a love for bean bags. You know the ones - those corduroy bean bags that were round and lifeless. He would often run down the hallway with his brother and jump into them, or just enjoy chilling watching Saturday morning cartoons. However, he soon realized that those bean bags had about as much support as your grandma’s Sunday trifle.

Inspired by his own experiences and the desire to enhance the gaming comfort of fellow enthusiasts, Craig set out to revolutionize the bean bag industry. And thus, Throne Boss was born. We'vedesigned a gaming bean bag that not only captures the nostalgic charm of those childhood favourites but also incorporates durability, easy maintenance, and most importantly, exceptionalback support for those long gaming sessions.

At Throne Boss, we understand that gamers require more from their bean bags than what was already on the market.


Our gaming bean bags are built to last, using high-quality materials that can withstand the rigors of enthusiastic gaming (but no jumping). We also prioritize ease of cleaning, ensuring that your bean bag remains fresh and ready for your next gaming adventure.

However, the cornerstone of our innovation lies in the superior back support we offer. We believe that gamers should be able to indulge in their passion without sacrificing their comfort and health. That's why our bean bags feature high back support, to minimize strain and fatigue during those extended gaming marathons.

As a local Australian family business, we take immense pride in the Throne Boss brand. We are dedicated to delivering the ultimate gaming comfort and experience to our valued customers. By supporting Throne Boss, you're not only investing in a top-quality gaming bean bag but also supporting the vision and dreams of a passionate entrepreneur.

So, whether you're reliving childhood memories or seeking the pinnacle of gaming comfort, join us at Throne Boss Gaming Bean Bags. Let our supportive, durable, and easy-to-clean bean bags elevate your gaming experience and make every session a truly enjoyable one. Experience the difference that Craig's vision and our commitment to excellence can bring to your gaming setup.

Throne Boss Australia


Australian Owned

When you shop with Throne Boss, you’re supporting a family-owned Australian business. Our stock is in Australia, and we ship from our Brisbane warehouse, so your orders arrive quickly.


12 Month Warranty

We stand by the quality of the products that we sell with a 12 Month Warranty. If you have any issues with the product, all you’ll need to do is send us some photos and we’ll assess your claim quickly and without hassles. We’re based in Australia and we want you to be happy, so we’re here to help.


Strength Tested

Our bean bags use only the highest quality materials such as waterproof 420D Oxford fabric, as well as having double stitched seams for strength. Our bean bags are also lab tested for durability to make sure that the seams don't split.