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Where can I buy bean bag beans?

Beans For Gaming Bean Bag

Firstly, we recommend using only EPS beans (those little white ones about the size of a small pea) as they allow the bean bag to hold it's shape and provide a comfortable and supportive experience. While memory foam is popular, it only works for those large round floppy bean bags.

You can buy bean bag beans (EPS beans) from most "big box" retailers, in store or online, such as K-Mart, Target or Big W. BEWARE: the filling from Spotlight is not 100 Litres per bag and it will take more bags to fill.

You'll need 200 Liters of beans for the child size and 300 Liters for the adult size. For an extra firm feel, add another 50 Litres.

Don't forget to check out our bean bag filling instructional video HERE.